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When we discuss the future survival of generations of human beings, we must not avoid discussing humanity’s advancement into space. Humans should be maintaining the environment on Earth, but at the same time, we need to develop strategies for new habitation possibilities in space. The Research Center will develop and evaluate “key technologies” for human advancement into space by collaborating with people experienced in manned space activities, space development, NASA researchers, and companies. And we aim to build a sustainable “space society” in the near future.


Core Biome Concept

If we want to actually consider life in space, we need to develop a realistic plan that comprises the natural resources to create a planetary environment. This means considering what kind of food, clothing, and shelter will be available, and what type of social system is feasible for the environment. In our research, we are anticipating a human migration to the Moon and Mars, which could become reality in the latter half of the 21st century. In order to do this we have to define Earth’s own ecosystem and extract the elements that make up the “core biome” which are the minimum elements necessary for life on other planets. We have also delved into the “core technology” necessary for migration and a “core society” in which these ideas can come together and be realized in a space society. Our goal is to establish a core academic system for space migration to other planets through the integration of core technology and a social system necessary in identifying the minimum biome required for migration. We have also made it an objective to give back to the academic system with our research pertaining to global environmental conservation and the formation of an organized human society.


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